Claypool AZ is near Globe

This is an area rich in history and stories of the wild west.

April 24, 2011
Wheatfield Site on the DeVore Wash #2

We went to a second ruin that was much smaller. This site had been reused by the Apache. The rock art had been done by previous civilizations. We were shown banana yuccas which are edible. We wondered if the previous residents planted this garden. I found a trinket that was called a concho. The Apace women used to take old tin cans, hammer designs in them and wear them as decorations. Scott took it with him, I guess for the museum. There are a lot of stories in this area. Scott said the Devore Wash was also a trail that was used traveling to Globe.

s Banana Yucca Eatable Only Eat if very hungty Banana Yucca Garden How Old is it Rock Art Worn Down Not The Best Rock for Long Lasting Art More Rock Art The Last of the Petroglyphs Walking Down the Wash

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